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Established in 1970, Singapore School & Private Hire Bus Owners’ Association (SSPHBOA) is the representative body of private bus service companies in Singapore.

Today, we have more than 1,000 members with a combined fleet of over 2,100 buses. As a collective voice, SSPHBOA represents and works for the common interest of its members in the private bus service industry. The Association has been playing an active role in enhancing trade collaborations among members as well as providing business opportunities and operational support. By sharing members’ in-depth experience and competency, SSPHBOA aims to keep all members in touch with the industry’s latest development.

Singapore School & Private Hire Bus Owners’ Association 32nd Management Committee
(2022 – 2023) 第32届管委会(2022 – 2023)

Honourable Advisor: (荣誉顾问)
SMS Sim Ann (沈颖女士)
Dr Lee Boon Yang (李文献医生)
 Advisor: (会务顾问)
Mr Peh Han Chew BBM (白汉洲)
Mr Tan Song Mong (陈松茂)
 Legal Adviser: (法律顾问)
Mr Lee Ah Fong  (李亚丰律师)
Mr James Yu Sin Giap (余新业律师)
Mr Lim Soo Peng (林舒平律师)
 President: (主席)Tong Tar Tpt Svc Pte Ltd (Mr Peh Sik Gam Phillip)
 Vice President: (副主席)Brickston Tpt Svc (Mr Gan Keng Loon Colin)
 Hon Secretary: (总务)Teo Boon Transport (Mr Teo Ah)
 Assistant Secretary: (副总务)AZ Bus Pte Ltd (Mr Yeo Hock Leong Vincent)
 Hon Treasurer: (财政)Goh Tpt Svc Co Pte Ltd (Mr Goh Bock Sin)
 Assistant Treasurer: (副财政)Raffles Bus Svcs Pte Ltd (Mr Neo Soon Huat)
 Transport Officer: (交通)City Bus Svcs (Mr Tan Jun How Michael)
 Assistant Transport Officer: (副交通)Cititrans Bus Transit Pte Ltd (Mr Chen Yi Rui Derrick)
 Welfare Officer: (福利)Mr Yap Kim Hong 
 Assistant Welfare Officer: (副福利)Woodlands Tpt Svc Pte Ltd (Mr Voo Wei Keong)
Social Officer: (交际)SFX Tpt Svcs (Mr Koh Hong Thye Joseph)
Assistant Social Officer: (副交际)Mr Yee Beng Tong 
Correspondent (English): (英文文书)WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd (Mr Sia Ji Kui Joshua)
Correspondent (Chinese): (中文文书)Aik Shen Bus Service (Mr Yeo Kah Hua)
Supervisor: (监察)Advance Coach Pte Ltd (Mr Neo Tiam Beng)
Committee Member: (委员)

Ridewell Travel Pte Ltd (Mr Neo Hong Kai Ivan)

Leisure Frontier (S) Pte Ltd (Mr Ng Qixing Terence)

D’Best Bus Tpt Svcs (Ms Teo Gim Peck Samantha)

Peh Bus Svc (Mr Peh Kian Huat)

Mr Neo Soon Beng 

Jacob Koh Swee Chong (SFX Transport Pte Ltd)

Auditor: (查账)Mr Ng Eng Lee 
Assistant Auditor: (副查账)Mr Goh Yew Chye

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