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The Land Transport Industry Digital Plan for Chartered Bus Services (LTIDP-CBS) was jointly developed by Land Transport Authority and Enterprise Singapore, in partnership with Infocomm Media Development Authority, SkillsFuture Singapore and SSPHBOA.

The IDP is part of the SMEs Go Digital programme that makes going digital simple for enterprises. Leveraging the easy-to-use LTIDP Digital Roadmap, business owners can use it as a step-by-step guide to adopt digital solutions at every stage of their companies’ growth.
Check out the digital roadmap in the LTIDP-CBS to find out if your business is digital-ready and get started.

Aligned to the Land Transport Industry Transformation Map (ITM), the Land Transport IDP – Chartered Bus Services (LTIDP- CBS) is part of the SMEs Go Digital programme that aims to make going digital simple for SMEs.

The Land Transport Authority and Enterprise Singapore jointly developed the LTIDP- CBS in partnership with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and the industry to guide SMEs in their digital transformation efforts. It provides SMEs in the chartered bus services sector with a step-by-step guide on the digital solutions to adopt at each stage of their growth. The digital roadmap will be progressively updated to reflect the advent of new digital tools and technologies for the industry.

Who is it for?

The Land Transport IDP – Chartered Bus Services is developed for SMEs in the chartered bus services sector in Singapore.

What does the IDP offer?

The digital roadmap consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1: Getting the Digital Economy Ready

The first stage aims to help SMEs get ready for the digital economy.

Examples of such digital solutions include:

  • Route Optimisation
  • Customer Management Platform
  • Driver Management Platform
  • Parent Mobile Application

Stage 2: Growing in the Digital Economy

The second stage provides digital solutions that enable SMEs to connect enhance productivity through resource optimisation.

Examples include:

  • Digital Payment (Digital Wallet)
  • Integrated Fleet Management
  • Crowdsourcing of Resources/ Jobs

Stage 3: Leaping Ahead

Tapping on data to support business decisions and drive future growth. Examples include:

  • Driver Behaviour Management
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostic
  • Digital Roadmap on Training – chartered bus job roles will evolve to meet the changing needs of customers. Upskilling workers helps companies harness the potential of digital technologies and remain competitive.
  • Parent Mobile Application

SkillsFuture Singapore funds up to 90% of the course fees. Visit https://www.rp.edu.sg/ace/news-and-events/Detail/land-transport-industry-digital-plan-(idp) to find out more.

Who is eligible?

Local SMEs including bus operator companies, and one-man operators in the Chartered Bus Service sector may receive support through various schemes from Enterprise Singapore (ESG)

To qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered in Singapore
  • Have at least 30% local shareholding; AND Group annual sales turnover of not more than S$100 million OR Group employment size of not more than 200 employees
  • Have its primary and/or secondary business activity in the Land Transport (Chartered Bus Services) sub-sector according to the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC)
  • Digital solutions solely for the applicant’s use in Singapore.

Hardware & Software Solutions

Hardware & Software Solutions provided are as follows:

Software solution as low as S$25 per bus for 3 years.

Enjoy great savings of more than S$3,400 per bus for full solution installed.

SSPHBOA Technology Partners:

SSPHBOA Technology Partners:

To find out more Call us at: +(65) 6741 0788 or Use the link below to register your interest:

陆路交通管理局和新加坡企业发展局,资讯通信媒体发展局,精深技能发展局和新加坡学校私人巴士车主工会共同制定了巴士接载服务业产业数码化蓝图 (LTIDP)。

这个产业数码化蓝图是中小企业数码化计划的一部分,该计划协助本地中小企业的数码化转型。利用易于使用的LTIDP数码化蓝图,您可以将其用作逐步指南,以采用适合公司发展各个阶段的数码解决方案。点击这里观看视频 https://youtu.be/mVEdRSE6Q0M.


本地中小型巴士(包括个人) 运营商接载服务业者可透过新加坡企业发展局提供的各种计划申请资助。


  • 在新加坡注册;
  • 拥有至少30%的本地股权;
  • 集团的总年销售营业额不超过1亿新元,或集团的雇员人数不超过200名。
  • 根据新加坡标准行业分类 (SSIC), 属于接载服务行业中从事其主要和/或次要业务活动;
  • 数字解决方案必须仅供申请者在新加坡使用。


  • 巴士接载服务业数码化路线图分为三个阶段

第一阶段: 为数码经济做好准备:简化运营及优化资源,以提高生产力和客户满意度:

  • 优化路线
  • 客户管理平台
  • 司机管理平台
  • 家长手机应用程序

第二阶段: 在数码经济中取得增长: 集思广益及促进协作,以增加收益:

  • 电子付款(电子钱包)
  • 综合车队管理
  • 以众包形式寻求资源/工作

第三阶段: 乐享数码未来, 使用先进的数据驱动科技提高业务潜力:

  • 司机行为管理
  • 远程车辆诊断


  • 数码化培训路线图



  • 点击下载巴士接载服务业产业数码化蓝图


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